Ripley’s Believe It Or Not is in Williamsburg, Virginia which is near Virginia Beach. It’s over sixty miles away from the beach area, but it can be accessed on the way back home. You can actually make the journey in less than an hour and a half. The address of the attraction is 1735 Richmond Road in Williamsburg, VA 23185.

If you’ve never been to see Ripley’s Believe It Or Not then you are in for a great experience. This theme-park-like attraction, all localized within one building, celebrates the unusual and bizarre of world history. It has many exhibits that explore human oddities as well as some scientific phenomenon. There are hundreds of photographs, artifacts and documents that will interest visitors of all ages.

The Ripley’s in Williamsburg is not only a museum but a 4D Theater. This museum opened back in the year 2006 and has eleven galleries and 350 main exhibits in total. There are three main attractions to enjoy, though you can buy tickets to each one individually. The museum features some strange and fascinating collections, such as a section of the Berlin Wall as well as a two-headed cow and a real life “shrunken head.”

Some of the most popular exhibits include the Vortex Tunnel (sure to make you dizzy—hold on to the rails!) and the “ghost of Mr. Ripley.” The 4D Theater offers movies that are not only in 3D, but that also get you involved in the action with water splashes, mists, air, smells and other sensory experiences. Some of the recent shows have included Dino II, the Extreme Log Ride, and Speed Racer. The Impossible LaseRace is another popular attraction that tests your reflexes. You can race against your friends and try to achieve the top score by navigating through a web of lasers in the fastest time. Every time a laser breaks, you lose points.

Tickets for Ripley’s Believe It Or Not near Virginia Beach costs $25.99 for adults and $22.99 for children. However, you can buy tickets to the theater only or the museum only for a discount. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not has been freaking families out for almost 100 years. Robert LeRoy Ripley created the franchise, and conceived the name as representing a collection newspaper panel series, shows, and reader-submitted oddities. Years later, it is now part of modern American culture. Why not stop and see Ripley’s in Williamsburg on the way back home from Virginia Beach?