The Francis Land House is an old house from the 19th century located in Virginia Beach. Francis Moseley Land constructed this site back in 1805. This family-owned property was a brick plantation home, and stayed within the family for 150 years. Six generations of Francis Land lived and worked from this property.

Today, the Francis Land House is remains on Virginia Beach Boulevard. About thirty-five years ago, the City of Virginia Beach took over the property, as the family lineage came to an end. However, the house has been restored and furnished according to 19th century décor. In 1986, the property was reworked into a museum.

Inside, guests can enjoy seeing an antique house that is representative of Virginia in the 1800s, as well as a house that demonstrates the prominence of the Land family. The house features period rooms, exhibits, and a store. Outside of the house are trees, gardens and a wooded wetland trail. A 1912 renovation raised the roof 12 inches. Other changes include a new walkway and a period vegetable garden, containing asparagus bud, flax garden and an herb garden.

This site is often used as a school field trip site. Children can learn about the Land family and how they made a living, as well as their own food and clothing. There is a spinning wheel demonstration included in school tours. In addition to these exhibits, the museum home also has restrooms and parking. Special events are organized throughout the year as well as guided tours. Special programs for young students include “Then and Now”, “Once Upon Another Time”, “People of the Past”, “Mr. Land’s Plantation”, “Life in Revolutionary Virginia”, “Outreach Programs for In-Class Presentation”, and a “A Trip Through Time.” Each of these courses is specially made for elementary school grades, from Kindergarten to 5th Grade. Please note that the Francis Land House is closed on Mondays and on holidays.

Location-wise, the Francis Land House is just a short distance away from the beach. Docents are very knowledgeable about time period and the family. Unlike other historical sites in Virginia, which are largely nostalgic, this is a location where you might actually learning something. Even the gardens you see are very accurate to the 19th century era. You can find this location at 3131 Virginia Beach Blvd.

Why not come see a piece of history and learn about 19th Century Virginia by visiting the Francis Land House?