Ocean Breeze Waterpark in Virginia Beach has become one of the most sought after things to do in VA Beach.  They opened over 40 years ago with just a few slides.  Back in those days, they were the only waterpark in VB.  Fast forward four decades and they now feature over 30 different rides for all adventurers, no matter your age.


Ages 10 and up are $34.99 at the gate.  Children 2 and younger are free.  See money-saving tips below.


Ocean Breeze Waterpark is only two miles away from the oceanfront.

What are the things to do at Ocean Breeze Waterpark

  • Adventure River – Ready for a 10-minute leisurely inner tube ride down the river?  Adventure river is 1000 feet long and 15 feet wide.  You’ll ride along and under waterfalls, surf waves, and float under tipping buckets of water.  Be prepared for a lot of fun and moisture.  You must be at least 4 foot high to ride without a life jacket.
  • Sea Serpent – You don’t have to like snakes to love the Sea Serpent slide.  Experience 360 degree, high-banking turns on this 350 foot enclosed tube.
  • Earth Shaker – Once upon a time ago, this was named “One of the most exciting slides in the World.”  Come see why.
  • Vortex – Experience a 35-foot drop as you get flushed down their Vortex.  You’ll think you’re in the biggest toilet bowl in the World.
  • The Trident – This is a topsy-turvy slide and the next closest one on the East coast is in New York.
  • Paradise Pipeline – Super fast and fun slide.  Toward the end, you’re shot out like a canon into the pool.
  • Hurricane – Dare to weather the storm?  Climb up and slide down feet first.  Experience a thrilling drop at the end of the ride.
  • Coconuts and Bamboo shoots – A nice starter attraction slide.  It still takes guts.
  • Jungle Falls – Experience white-water rafting in Virginia Beach
  • Largo Loop – Slide down twisting turns.
  • Pirates’ Plummet and Walk The Plank – Want to know what it feels like to walk the plank?  This slide has a 200-foot dark, enclosed tube.  It also features a 50-foot drop right into a pool.  If you’re looking for thrills and chills, this one is for you.
  • Activity Pool – This is a very relaxing pool for you and all the kids.  You can even challenge someone to log-rolling.  First one off gulps water.
  • Runaway Bay – A million gallon wave pool waits for you here.  Enjoy swimming in a private ocean without any crabs, jellyfish, sharks, or boardwalk salespeople.

Kids Things To Do at Ocean Breeze Waterpark

  • Hook’s Lagoon – For the little tikes, this area features water sprayers, a slide, and tipping buckets.  Sorry adults, this is for kids only.
  • Buccaneer Bay – Climb aboard Lil’ matey.  This ship sits in a tiny bay of water with sprayers around.  It’s fun for smaller children.
  • South Seas Silly Slides – You and your child can tandem slide down these.  Designed for their fun and yours.  They drop into a shallow pool.
  • Little Amazon – Are you kids ready for their first lazy river inner tube ride?  This is a great beginner’s option.

Ocean Breeze Waterpark Coupons and money saving ideas

  • Adults, buy your tickets on-line and you’ll save $2 on each.  
  • Instead of eating snacks in the park, keep them in your car in a cooler.  You can keep your drinks and sanwiches cold and save lots of money.

Last edited:  April 3, 2017