The Club Night for Taylor Swift: Swiftogeddon

Swiftogeddon is a night run by fans, for the love of Taylor Swift. The whole night is Swifty nonstop.
You can be captured with he charisma at the perfect location of Virginia Beach at
Tylor Swift is considered to be the greatest songwriter of her generation. Her songs are often inspired by the stories in her own life, and they’ve been covered extensively. Her discography spans multiple genres which show how versatile of an artist she really is.

Do you want to just sleep or to cheer it up? If you are teh one who has been a part of both nights at Wembley on the Reputation tour? Then you are going to remember this Taylor night for a lifetime.
Don’t just miss it, and come along with your fellow Swift fans for a celebration of the brilliance of Swift who will never lose her style.

Feb 04, 2022
9:00 PM
Elevation 27, Virginia Beach, VA