Captain Jack’s Pirate Ship Adventures – Family Fun Cruise

Set sail on Capt. Jack?s Pirate Ship Adventures aboard the Lost Pearl for a ripsnortin?, swashbucklin? adventure on the high seas. During this nautical voyage, all hands will help search for a grand treasure stolen by that scurvy dog Blackbeard! Our mission is to track down the booty, and take our revenge on the thieving scoundrels who stole our loot. This voyage is not for the lily-livered, as a fierce water cannon battle is sure to ensue! The spoils will be divided up between all ship hands and there will be fine entertainment on deck as well, the likes of which will amaze and astound ye.

Learn pirate songs, see how low ye can go under the limbo stick and then learn to dance a little jig during your time at sea. There will be a captivating pirate show and even an educational lesson or two for the wee sprogs on board. The waters off Virginia Beach abound with dolphins, so look sharp mateys! Bring yer camera to capture all the memories of yer time on the high seas. Aye, and don?t forget that there?s fine victuals aboard as well, with the likes of hotdogs, popcorn and other grand seafaring snacks. There will be fine grog available for the old salts who come aboard the Lost Pearl including beer, wine, liquor, soft drinks, and even frosty frozen drinks for the lasses. If you fancy a souvenir as a memento of your buccaneer voyage, an on-board shop will have something to fill the bill.

Enjoy the pirate?s life and learn the sweet trade aboard Capt. Jack?s Lost Pearl. Mind ye don?t miss out on all the plundering action when the main sail sets and the pirate flag unfurls!


The Family Fun Cruise on Tuesdays and Thursdays begin at 12:00 pm.

Saturdays and Sundays (and Memorial Day, May 28th) The Family Fun Cruise begins at 12:00 pm and/or 4:00 pm.

Duration of Trip:

Approx 1.25 hrs


Adults (ages 16 & up) ? $27*

Seniors (60) and Active Military ? $25*

Children (ages 3-15) ? $23*

Children (ages 2 and under) ? FREE

*taxes not included


Call: 757-305-9700


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