When coming to Virginia Beach during the summer season, it’s a good idea to know where to park. There are almost 3,500 city-owned/leased public parking spaces available for your parking convenience. This does not include private parking, available to patrons of Virgina Beach hotels and restaurants.

Here are some of the top spots to be made aware of:

2nd Street: 2nd Street has 100+ parking spaces and is open from 8AM to midnight. It’s $7 per weekday and $10 per weekend day or Holiday.

Rudee Lot: This area has 150+ parking spots. Weekdays are $7 and weekends/holidays are $10/day. Hours are from 8AM to midnight.

4th Street: This lot has 65 spaces and is capable of handling charter bus parking. Weekday parking is $7/day and weekends/holidays are $10 per day. Buses are allowed here. It’s $15/day and $25 to park overnight.

9th Street parking garage: Want to keep your car out of the elements? The 9th Street garage has over 600 parking spots and is open twenty-four hours a day May-September. From October through April, the garage is open 8AM – 10PM. This area accepts credit cards. Rates: Up to an hour, $2. Up to two hours, $4, Up to three hours, $6, Over three hours, $10. Monthly parking is $40.

19th Street Lots: Has 500+ public parking spaces and is open from 8AM to 2AM daily. It’s $7 for weekdays and $10 on weekends and holidays.

25th Street lot: This will re-open as a parking garage in 2015.

31st Street parking garage: This garage has over 530 parking spots and is open from 8AM to midnight. Rates are $2 for up to an hour, $4 for up to two hours, $6 for up to three hours, and $10 for daily parking.

Sandbridge: Sandbridge lots have over 170 park slots and are open from 8AM to 5PM from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend. Weekday and weekend rates are $5 per day.

Croatan parking: has over 500 parking spots and is open all year. Between April and September, the hours are 6AM to 8PM. From October through March, it’s 7AM through 5:30PM.

If you get here early (before 10AM, parking is free). After 10AM, it’s $5/day.

What is also important to keep in mind is the TIMING of parking. If you are planning to be there for one of the large VA Beach events like Sand Soccer or the East Coast Surfing Championships, you need to arrive ahead of time! The best thing to do is be aware that you will be waiting a while to park if you are not there early. With a little planning, you can beat the crowd! It is worth coming EARLY to not be in all the bustling cars racing to find a spot. Another thing to think about is that if you are staying at one of the many Virginia Beach hotels, you have a way better chance of having preferred parking. Virginia Beach parking just got a whole lot easier! Make sure you bookmark this article so you can pull it up when you are ready to find parking.

Last Update:  January 17, 2024