Whether Halloween is just days away or you’re looking for some haunted houses in July, Virginia Beach and the surrounding area delivers. Check out the following Virginia Beach attractions for a scary, thrilling experience!

Virginia has been inhabited by Europeans and their descendants for more than 400 years (and by Native Peoples and their descendants for centuries before that), so it’s not unexpected that the state is reported to have some pretty spectacular haunted homes or buildings. Virginia Beach itself is home to several.

The Cavalier Hotel, for example, built-in 1927 and frequented by the likes of such well-known Americans as Al Capone and President Woodrow Wilson, is said to be haunted. Some notable people died there, including Adolf Coors (of the Coors Brewery), who committed suicide in 1929 by jumping from one of the hotel’s windows to his death in 1929.

A ghost at the top of the Cavalier’s sixth-floor stairs wearing an old hotel uniform is reported to stand on the landing warning guests “You don’t want to go up there. There are ghosts up there.” A black cat also is said to prowl the hotel’s halls.

Also in Virginia Beach is the ghost of a deceased volunteer fireman, who is reported to haunt the Chick’s Beach Fire Station house. Reports of sirens going off by themselves slammed doors on vehicles, and fire alarms being set off are regular.

Elbow Road, Chesapeake is purported to be haunted by a Mrs. Woble, who once lived on the street. Mrs. Woble is reported to have been murdered and her body never recovered. It’s said that lights in her house – which is no longer there – can sometimes be seen being turned on and off.

The private and exclusive Princess Ann Country Club is reported to have several spirits haunting the clubhouse, which is more than 100 years old. Ghosts seen with some regularity include a bride who appears – and disappears – in the bar area, as well as a ghost wearing a cape who seems to take some malevolent delight in scaring guests and employees.

If you’re looking for a scream fest at a Virginia Beach haunted amusement right in the weeks just Halloween, check out the Hunt Club Farm, the area’s “original Haunted Hayride.” The attraction includes a Field of Screams and the Village of the Dead.

Nightmare Mansion, which touts itself as Virginia’s oldest haunted house, is located right in the Virginia Beach resort area on Atlantic Avenue. It’s a haunted attraction with extremely narrow hallways and very dark corridors. The Mansion reports that it’s been voted one of the top 10 haunted attractions in the country and has been scaring folks for more than 20 years.

(Important note: Many of the modern Halloween/haunted attractions are not for young children. It’s best to contact the attraction before heading out before taking youngsters under age 12 – or even older.)