The Virginia Aquarium in Virginia Beach attracts many families, couples, and friends to see the beautiful marine animals! The Virginia Aquarium is the largest aquarium in Virginia. People come from all over the region to see the large variety of sea animals at this unique aquarium. There are so many different types of marine life. There are even sea turtles to see through glass to watch them glide by. For those who would like to see even more excitement, they NEED to see the sharks! Many sharks show themselves to the crowds. These sharks are in very large tanks.

The Virginia Aquarium creates an even larger-than-life experience when you make your way through their tank that you can actually walk though. You can view fish and sharks right above your head! You can walk through a tunnel-like entrance and just stare for hours looking at all of the creatures! For more interactive fun, you can touch stingrays and starfish!

This Virginia Beach exhibit also has an outdoor area where you can walk to a separate part of the Aquarium. This is where you will see seahorses among other critters.

The Virginia Beach Aquarium is a great way to do something different while on vacation! There is something for everyone to enjoy. Young and old will have an absolute blast seeing the mysterious animals of the sea. If you are able to make your way to this aquarium, you won’t be disappointed, and you will probably want to come again and again! It’s very convenient to visit as it is very close to the Virginia Beach Oceanfront and the Virginia Beach Boardwalk.

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