At the organizations’ annual meeting in April, The Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums awarded accreditation to the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center in Virginia Beach, VA.

The Alliance is an international organization representing the highest professional standards of marine mammal care and veterinary medicine. For this reason, accreditation is awarded only to zoos, aquariums, life parks and research facilities diligent in meeting their rigid standards. The Virginia Aquarium was first awarded Alliance accreditation in 2004; due to the facility’s continued contribution to habitat and natural resource conservation, public education and marine mammal care it was re-accredited upon completing its five-year inspection.

Scheduled Humpback and Fin Whale watching excursions, as well as the Restless Planet exhibit (under development) are but two examples of why the Virginia Aquarium continues to receive accolades for its support of wildlife conservation and education.

Visit the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center website ( to see scheduling and exhibit information, or to visit the Aquarium’s live shark and sea turtle webcams.

Live, learn and have fun in Virginia Beach!