When you think of Virginia Beach, you may leisurely daydream about a past, present, or future vacation right here on the Atlantic oceanfront. In your mind, you may visualize the white capped waves rolling into the sand, you may hear the sounds of the surf hitting the shoreline and the calls of birds and jet engines overhead. You may even smell the relaxation inducing combination of fresh salty air and newly applied sun tan lotion. All of these are very natural reactions when thinking about our great coastal city.

We play hard here in VA Beach but did you know we work even harder?

In March 2016, Virginia Beach was named the hardest working city on the East Coast and was ranked the second hardest-working city in the entire Country (right behind Anchorage, Alaska where they have to work hard just to keep warm). This amazing independent accolade was awarded by WalletHub.

116 of the largest cities in America were compared. Every single state was represented by at least one city. Six national key metrics related to work ethic were taken into consideration to create the report. Those metrics were: average hours per week worked, amount of labor force participation, commute time, amount of workers with multiple jobs, volunteer hours per resident, and amount of leisure time spent per day per resident.

The data was gathered from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the US Census Bureau, and the Corporation for National and Community Service.

Other Hampton Roads surrounding cities were also nationally ranked. Both Chesapeake, VA and Norfolk, VA made the list. The former was ranked #17 and the latter #27 in the whole Country (not just the regional East Coast).

The full list is published here.