Virginia Beach is probably the most popular beach that VA is known for. But, did you know there are so many other VA Beaches in the state? Read below for a complete list of all VA Beaches you should know!

Ocean View Beach

Location: 100 W. Ocean View Ave.
Norfolk, VA  23503

Roughly 30 minutes away from Virginia Beach lies Ocean View Beach. Ocean View Beach is over seven miles long and hosts many shops along the beach. Shops near this Norfolk beach include bait and tackle, watercraft rentals, parks, and picnic areas.

Though there are no lifeguards on duty, this one of VA Beaches has relatively calm waters.

Chincoteague Island

Location: 7358 Grace Street
Chincoteague Island, VA 23336

Chincoteague Island is most famously known for its wild ponies you can find swimming in the water.

Chincoteague Island is also known for their wildlife refuge. You can enjoy guided wildlife tours at Chincoteague Island.

There’s much more to do when visiting this unique VA island. Take a cruise to see wild ponies in their natural habitat, take a pirate ship adventure as a family friendly outing, hang glide over a thousand feet above the island, or go fishing!

Yorktown Beach

Location: 425 Water Street
Yorktown, VA 23690

When traveling by car or by bike on the scenic Colonial Parkway, you are very close to the Yorktown Beach! This white sandy beach has brackish water (part salt and freshwater.) This beach is perfect for families who are looking for a fun experience, but prefer the calmer waters. There are no waves here, and there are lane lines to discourage people from swimming too far out from shore. 

Just steps away from this beach, there is a Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Shop, a local grille, the Yorktown Pub, and other quick sandwich shops.

Conveniently, there is a bathhouse with clean restrooms and showers.

On Saturdays during the summer and fall, there are Farmers Markets to attend and check out what the locals are selling.

Another plus about enjoying Yorktown Beach is spotting the huge sailing ship at seemingly random times. When you see these large ships sailing through the channel, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported into a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean!

Buckroe Beach

Location: North First Street
Hampton, VA  23664

Like Yorktown Beach, Buckroe Beach also has lane lines to discourage people from swimming too far out. However, unlike Yorktown Beach, this hampton beach does has lifeguards.

This is a family friendly beach. There is a playground located across from the beach.

Sometimes you’ll stumble upon live entertainment and other festivals at their gazebo.

Grandview Nature Preserve

Location: Beach Road and State Park Drive
Hampton, VA 23664

This is no doubt the most secluded of VA Beaches. This beautiful nature preserve in Hampton requires a bit of walking to get to. It’s so worth the walk.

Since it does require walking, that’s what makes it one of the best beaches in the state. It’s semi-private. Many people do not want to walk the half a mile it takes.

Some deal breakers to this beach are that there are no lifeguards or restrooms. If you have to use the restroom, you’ve got to walk a half a mile to the nearest portapotty!

Beaches in VB:


Location: Boardwalk / Atantic Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

The Resort Beach of VB is where you’ll find most of the action. Adjacent to the VB Boardwalk is the Resort Beach of VB. Lifeguards tend to the safety of the Resort Beach swimmers. There are public restrooms scattered along the boardwalk areas, and some portable restrooms are available as well. There’s much to love about the Resort Beach in VB, which is why so many people are there!


Location: Sandfiddler Road, VA Beach, VA 23456

This quiet, semi secluded beach in Virginia Beach is considered a hidden gem. If you like to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Resort Beach, Sandbridge will be the winner to you. Sandbridge is everything you need for an amazing beach getaway. It’s quiet, clean, calm, and just right for those looking for a pleasant beach experience.

Parking is relatively easy when in Sandbridge. You can either park on a side street at no cost, or park in a lot for a nominal fee.


Location: 3656 Shore Drive, VA Beach, VA 23455

Family friendly beach with shallow waters, making it safe and comfortable for children to splash around with parents resting assured.

This beach is clean, quiet, and also provides a great nightlife. With various restaurants and bars, the nightlife comes alive. Many locals frequent this beach, and also many locals’ pets love it as well!

You may see Chick’s Beach also called Chix. Do not be confused! Chick’s and Chix are the same thing.


Location: S Atlantic Ave, VA Beach, VA 23451

Similar to Sandbridge, this beach (located in Virginia Beach) is peaceful and quiet. It’s suggested to bring your own food and drinks, as there are no restaurants or cafes. However, there are public restrooms available that are well maintained.

Parking is easy to find when in Croatan. On the weekends, you may find yourself waiting a couple minutes to find parking, but it’s nothing compared to the Resort area in the middle of summer.


Croatan, Chick’s, and Sandbridge all are in Virginia Beach, and have the same type of feel. They are all quiet, secluded and away from the touristy and busy feel that the Resort Beach can sometimes be.

Which one of these VA Beaches do you love to go to? Let us know by commenting below!