Virginia Beach’s No Cursing Law signs are all over the VA Beach boardwalk. In the past year, 25 people have been giving citations for letting their curse words fly forth from their mouths. That’s $6,250 collected in cursing fines last year.

While this particular rule upsets and restricts some people from using their colorful language, it is this rule that helps to make Virginia Beach family-friendly atmosphere.

Many tourists and locals like the City’s stance on swearing. And of course, like with anything else, there are people who cannot stand this law, and do not take it seriously.

We’ve put together a list of Pros and Cons of the Virginia Beach No Cursing Law to help the people who agree or disagree with this law a better understanding of each side.

No Cursing Law Pros:

  • Makes the area family-friendly.
  • Helps keep rowdiness to a minimum.
  • Offensive language can be seen as a disturbance. 
  • Makes visiting Virginia Beach more enjoyable.

No Cursing Law Cons:

  • Can be considered “Unconstitutional” as it violates Freedom of Speech.
  • Families who use colorful language have to change their habits while in the area. 
  • May seem unjust to change your habits when Freedom of Speech is part of our rights. 

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