Looking to save a few bucks on your vacation? Don’t want the hassle of getting a rental car and suffering through parking in Virginia Beach?

Fret no more. Uber has arrived and will make your vacation a little less expensive and a lot less stressful.

Whenever our family goes on vacation, we use Uber a lot. Quite frankly, it’s for the savings. In some cities, getting an Uber can be half the cost of a regular taxi.

We’re really glad to see Uber in VA Beach.

It’s really easy to use with one-button ride requests, clear pricing, reliable pickups with ratings, and no cash is needed. Everything ties into your smartphone. You can even schedule pickups for your ride to and from any of the Virginia Beach airports.

They are revolutionizing the future of hitching a ride one city at a time and VA Beach is the latest to benefit from this amazing mobile phone technology.

Download the app on your phone or sign-up here at: