As March arrives, winter starts to beat its retreat. Daffodil stalks start to appear under frosty mulch. Red-breasted robins begin to flock to lawns and trees. Spring break revellers start to make their plans. And more and more visitors make it a point to explore Virginia Beach. March is a transition month: it can still be pretty cold, but signs of spring are all around (and most snowstorms tend to be a thing of the past).

There’s plenty to do in Virginia Beach in March. Read below for seven of them.

1. Enjoy Outdoor Patio Dining at the Oceanfront

There are plenty of delicious Virginia Beach restaurants that offer outdoor dining. With the weather warming up, it is perfect for a brunch or lunch outside overlooking the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. Dining options that offer patio seating facing the beach are Mahi-Mah’s, Catch 31, Neptune’s Restaurant, Belvedere Coffee Shop, and more.

2. Book A Session with KLR Photography

KLR Photography offers beautiful shots of your family, significant other, or yourself! KLR Photography has a great eye for gorgeous maternity shots as well. We recommend you book a session during your Virginia Beach vacation so you can remember the stay for years to come. Check out KLR Photography‘s work to see what she can create for you.

3. Golf in Peace

Do you love to golf but hate crowded links? Several Virginia Beach area golf clubs and resorts are open in March. Ask your concierge for information about which links are open and you’ll be able to enjoy a day or afternoon on the course pretty much all to yourself!

4. Run or Walk in the Yuengling Shamrock Races

Participate at your own pace in the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon, Anthem Half Marathon or Townebank 8K races…just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! The Shamrock Marathon has been run since 1973 and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Still, even if you can’t walk 13 or 26 miles, chances are you can walk five miles (4.97 miles), the distance of the 8K. Enjoy ice-cold beer, too! (So long as you’re over 21).

5. Plan Your Next Virginia Beach Vacation

While March may still be a little too chilly to set up camp, it’s definitely something to think about when planning your next Virginia Beach vacation in the warmer months. Staying at the KOA Campground in Virginia Beach is a great place for families, couples, friends, or yourself. This is the place to come to disconnect from the regular, find nature’s beauty, and live a simple life. Even if you’re not up for fully disconnecting, there is wifi available! The KOA Campground in Virginia Beach is the top choice among campers. This campground is clean and quiet. Very nice for a relaxing trip. And best of all, the staff is super friendly.

6. Chill Out at First Landing State Park

Tourist traffic still is minimal in March. So if you want to experience some of the earliest of U.S. history without the crowds, check out First Landing State Park. The park is the site of the “first landing” of the Jamestown colonists from England in 1607. The park offers almost 3,000 acres of pristine wetlands, swamp, and pine forest, much of it in the same condition as when those colonists arrived more than 400 years ago. A visit here definitely is worth the short 30-minute drive!

First Landing State Park – Bald Cypress Trail.

First Landing State Park is located at 2500 Shore Drive, Virginia Beach, VA. There are nine trails here that span over 19 miles. Most trails are for hikers but there are shared trails where you can bike. The Bald Cypress Trail is only one and a half miles long and there is a shortcut that would reduce the length by a half if your child can’t make it. Along the trail, you will spot bald cypress trees, Spanish moss, wildflowers, turtles, birds, and many other animals. There are many observational platforms giving you and your child the ability to stop, watch, and absorb the beautiful sights and sounds of nature. For footwear, we recommend sneakers but we have seen people walking in flip-flops. Dogs are allowed on the trail but must be leashed. This trail is stroller friendly. The park is open daily from 9-4.

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