Are you thinking about that amazing nothing-can-go-wrong dream wedding on the beach with warm sand between your toes, flowing light sea breezes, and the perfect temperature? Sounds good! But, things can go wrong if you don’t plan ahead and do your homework. Read our 5 best tips for weddings at Virginia Beach, and you’ll be much closer to the success of a dream wedding!

1. Say “Yes” To The Right Dress

That ballroom princess gown won’t cut it for a beach wedding! Choose something airy and light for a beach wedding. As a bride, you won’t want to be worrying about ocean mists hitting your thousands of dollars worth dress. Pick something you can be carefree in all while looking elegant. Usually, these types of dresses will be cheaper which is also a huge plus!

2. Don’t Sweat It

You don’t want to spend your special day looking like you just got out of the shower! The best tip for beating the heat is to pick a time of the year in either early summer or early fall. If you want a July or August wedding, it is best to pick an early or later time of day when the sun isn’t at full strength. This tip is EVERYTHING for a beach wedding. Trust us.

3. Be In Tune With The Moon

The moon has every say in what the beach conditions will be like for a wedding day at the beach. Check with to check out when high and low tides are. You don’t want to be crowded up on the beach because the tides are coming in higher. You also won’t want to have your ceremony while the tides are changing. This will save you and your guests from surprise waves ruining the ceremony. You want a wedding, not a swimming party! Be aware of the tides, and plan accordingly.

4. Get Creative

Remember where you are! Get beachy with centerpieces full of tropical flowers. Spread out pretty polished shells around tables. Even tastefully placing starfish or pearls into the bridal bouquet would be a beautiful marine touch. A good thing to keep in mind is that the wind doesn’t care how beautiful your decor is! Remember to weigh down your centerpieces, light tables, and any other items that aren’t heavy enough to support themselves.

5. Hire Local

Having your chair rentals, tent rentals, and everything else that comes with the wedding being from local places, it is much easier to trust that all the items will be coming to you on time. If you are having a VA Beach wedding, you really are in luck. There are so many bridal shops, caterers, and party rentals stores available around the oceanfront. There are also great hair and nail salons that can help you look your best!

Speaking of hiring local, if you are not from the area, you can hire one of the many great professional wedding planners who specialize in Virginia Beach weddings.