We’re here to help you separate the beach essentials from the fluff. Have you ever been to Virginia Beach, and wish you had packed different things for the day? If you read this article before a trip to the beach, you will have everything you need for a perfect day!

1. Beach Umbrellas
These are probably the most overlooked items of the beach. Some people think that they can go without them, and they will be fine. It’s true… They will be fine. But they won’t be as comfortable! When going to the oceanfront without a beach umbrella, there is the worry of sunburn and getting too hot and sticky. When you bring a beach umbrella, you have the coolness of the shade provided by the cover. As an added plus, you will get the natural sun protectant. There is so much to love about beach umbrellas!

2. Beach Chairs
Another overlooked item is a beach chair! Many beach goers simply bring towels to lay and sit on all day. This can be a real pain in the bottom… Literally! Bringing a beach chair can make your beach trip much more relaxing. The sand can be hard and abrasive. A beach chair will elevate you off the sand. This is sure to make your beach day more enjoyable. (Helpful tip from VirginiaBeach.com- Buy your beach chairs before coming to the beach. You will save money doing so.)

3. Sunglasses
Forgetting to protect your eyes is just a major DON’T! Not bringing sunglasses can really wreck a beach day. The sun is harsher and brighter than anywhere else. The sun reflects off the waves of the ocean, making the light extremely strong. Eyes shouldn’t have to handle that all on their own! Did you know that eyes are susceptible to sunburn? The eyes’ natural defense against harm is squinting. To prevent squinting all day, don’t forget those Oakleys!

4. Sunscreen
You may think this one is a give… But, in recent findings, it greatly matters which kind you buy! Some of the sunscreens do not live up to their SPF claim on the label. Pay attention and do some research for the best sunscreen to buy for you and your family! It is helpful to log onto the Consumer Reports for their recommendations for the best sunscreen to pack in your beach bag this summer! Consumer Reports has found that almost 50% of sunscreens do not have accurate SPF claims.

5. Coolers
When you’re at the beach for a whole day, you know you will want some cold drinks! If you don’t bring a cooler for a long day at the beach, you’re bound to be drinking some warm water from your “used to be cold” water bottle. Not refreshing! Save money and time by bringing your own cooler full of drinks and snacks.

6-8.Goggles, Boogie Boards, and Sand Buckets
These three essentials are grouped together because they are all kid-friendly beach-brings. These are no-fail beach items that keep kids happy and entertained! Goggles are great for the adventurous little ones who want to take a swim and enjoy the life underwater. Boogie boards are also great for children who are strong swimmers who want to bring their beach fun to a whole new level! (We strongly advise that children who are using goggles and boogie boards have experience swimming. If your child does not know how to swim, please take caution in using both of these items.) Sand buckets are also amazing tools to keep children having fun. These are good for the kids who have no interest in swimming, or those who just want to take a break from playing in the water!

9. Ziploc Bags
To protect your phone, camera, or any other electronic you may want to bring to the beach, Ziploc bags are the way to go! No more sand in the buttons of electronics. This one can be a real lifesaver.

10. Soap
Soap is definitely an uncommon thing to bring to the beach, but it is so helpful! After a day at the beach with sandy toes and salty skin, you will want to rinse off at one of the many spickets located on the boardwalk. A water rinse will only do so much! To get the best rinse, go ahead and use a bit of soap. This will make your ride home a lot more comfortable! No more stickiness.

There you have it! The top things to bring to the beach this season We hope that these 10 beach essentials help you have the best beach day ever!