We really have some amazing tools here that nobody knows about to help companies advertise in Virginia Beach. 2008 will turn things around as we push to make the local companies aware of our abilities.

Tourists already know. Millions of dollars in hotel revenues go through our site yearly. We have more hits that other sites and we’re finding our readers are coming back regularly.

What are the benefits of advertising on VirginiaBeach.com? Incredible ROI [return on investment]. Here are some of the tools we have to help local companies advertise:

Pay-per-click. You can be on our home page for .75c/click. If no one clicks on your ad, you don’t pay a dime. If someone clicks, you get the benefit of the traffic and hopefully close a sale on your web site. Our advertisers that use this are very happy and are multi-year advertisers.

Tourism opt-in mailing list. A very small percentage of our readers will request information be mailed to them on Virginia Beach. We keep this information in an on-line database. People that advertise with us can search that database. Want to find everyone who is interested in para-sailing within the last 30 days? We can provide you with their name, address, e-mail and phone. They want your services. You want their business. Advertising with VirginiaBeach.com is a triple-win situation.

Search engine. Yes, we are a mini-Google. If you place your ads with us and someone types in your keywords into our search engine bar, your results will be shown. Because we are a local search engine, local companies advertising are not fighting with larger national companies and their larger budget.

Virginia Beach advertising works. We can help. E-mail us at sjones@virginiabeach.com for more information.