Visit Virginia Beach and you’ll undoubtedly take note of the No Swearing signs posted throughout the town (signs with the symbols @#!! circled in red with the red slash through them, the universal sign for “forbidden”). The signs actually are there to remind people to curtail bad behavior, everything from cursing, playing a radio too loudly, getting drunk, wearing a thong bikini on the beach, etc. In other words, Virginia Beach is trying hard to be as family-friendly as possible. Read below for eight other things that make this seaside town exceedingly family-friendly.

1. The Beach

What child, whether baby, toddler, youth, or teen doesn’t enjoy the beach? It’s a great way to be outdoors as a family. The kids can play in the surf and sand and Mom and Dad can stay under umbrella and read while keeping one eye and ear cocked on the kids. Or, Mom and Dad can throw the Frisbee, run in the waves, build sandcastles, and look for live horseshoe crabs with the children! Just be sure to bring good sunblock and you and the family can make terrific memories without spending a lot of money.

2. Virginia Aquarium 

The Virginia Aquarium is where you and your family can see plenty of marine mammals and fish. There’s even a Chesapeake Bay Touch Pool where your children can gently touch all sorts of sea life!

3.  Three Mile Long Boardwalk

The Virginia Beach Boardwalk is three miles long and offers families a true wealth of different things to see and do. Three miles can be a long way to walk, so consider renting bicycles or even a surrey carriage (complete with fringe on top) so that the whole family can pedal and see the sights together. You’ll find ice cream shops, delicious restaurants, live music, and even some magicians!

4. Beautiful State Parks 

Take a hike and explore the natural beauty found at First Landing State Park, the site where the first English settlers made land back in 1607 (and also where the pirate Blackbeard is said to have hidden in the park’s Narrows area). The park has 20 miles of trails and 1.5 miles of beach/shoreline. Bike rentals are available.

5. Never Ending Activities for All Ages

Your teens may not be as enamored of “just” sitting on the beach as your younger children. So they might enjoy renting some rollerblades and rolling along the boardwalk. Or they could join in a pickup game of beach volleyball. Boy- or girl-watching either on the beach or along the boardwalk also is a common teen activity.

6. Friendly Surfing Conditions

Consider enrolling your children in a surf camp. Virginia Beach’s waves are generally small and just enough for a beginning surfer to have a blast!  The VB Surf Sessions is a great place for kids, teens, and adults to learn the art of surfing. It’s never too late! You can learn all together with their helpful and friendly staff. 

7. Parasailing

Go parasailing as a family. Pirate Parasailing is the company to choose because they offer the longest flying time out of all the Parasailing companies at the beach. Soar above the waters of VA Beach for 10-12 minutes, flying three passengers at a time. 

8. Awesome Amusement Parks

No visit to Virginia Beach is complete without at least riding one ride at the Atlantic Fun Park. This amusement park offers thrill-seekers of all ages 12 Midway games and 16 family-friendly rides. The park offers several child-friendly rides, including the Ferris Wheel (the largest in Virginia Beach) and the Kiddie Train.