We have a few new clients coming on board! You’ll see their sponsorships later this weekend. We know we’re going to bring them an amazing amount of business. There is no other site that can bring the same return on Virginia Beach advertising. Our existing clients tell us no one else has come close to helping them succeed like we have.

When you’re offering better advertising programs that cost less than the telephone book, everyone benefits (the readers, the advertisers and us). There are no losers.

One client spends almost $1000/month with the yellow pages. They offer tourist accommodations. What tourist looks in the yellow pages after coming here? They don’t. They want that information before they come to the area. That’s why our readers keep coming back to our site. They want to know what’s here before they arrive.

We’re proud to be serving the Virginia Beach business community and thank everyone for supporting us (readers and sponsors alike).

Thanks, everyone!

2017 Update: It’s hard to believe the original post above was made in 2008. Over the years, we have added many more businesses to our family. We’re so thankful to be serving the needs of vacationers and businesses. We’d like to thank all of the readers and businesses that support our endeavors.

Last edit: April 5, 2017