We are all transitioning into new guidelines for the Covid-19 pandemic like social distancing, mask-wearing, stores having limited capacity, etc. Everything is a little bit harder, and we have to put more thought into everything just that much more. That’s why we’ve created this helpful list on how to effectively vacation in Virginia Beach 

Driving > Flying

Right now, driving is a better option for any vacationer who can stand a long distance in the car. Flying includes too many people touching your luggage, being around too many people, and being in a confined space for hours at a time. Opting to drive is the safer way to travel right now. 

Plan Before Booking Your Trip

It’s important to know which activities you would like to do before booking your trip. A lot of the festivals, concerts, and events all around the country are canceled because of the coronavirus. Don’t rely on what you think will be open. You’ll be disappointed if it turns out to be closed, or worse, out of business. 

If you find activities that you would like to do during your vacation, we recommend you call ahead and ask about their scheduling. 

Here you’ll find Top Things to Do in Virginia Beach in August!

BYOD – Bring Your Own Disinfectant

Many businesses will offer free soap, disinfecting sprays and gels, etc. but not all! Don’t be caught off guard. When bringing your own supplies, you can be sure that you’ll always feel prepared. That’s one less worry during your vacation.

Don’t Venture into the City

During this time, avoiding large crowds is ideal. And what’s in a city? More people. When navigating a vacation spot, stay close to what’s comfortable for you and your family. Don’t forget to consult with the concierge or Airbnb host as to best places to go. Locals know best!

Take Advantage of Outdoor Dining

Many restaurants in Virginia Beach have broadened their seating by taking tables outside. This creates more space for guests while allowing them to enjoy a fresh cooked meal. Exploring different dining options is one of the best parts about a vacation, so you don’t have to forgo it because of the pandemic! Take a look at our huge list of highest rated Virginia Beach restaurants, rated by both locals and tourists!

Create Your Own Bubble at the Beach

If you choose Virginia Beach for your next vacation destination,  you can be sure that you’ll have plenty of space at the beach! Did you know that Virginia Beach holds the record for the longest pleasure beach in the world? Yep! Virginia Beach is 35 miles long. So you can go ahead and create your own bubble away from others. It’s the perfect place to social distance if you ask us! 

Explore Open Air Events

In Virginia Beach, there are plenty of activities to enjoy outdoors. We already mentioned the outdoor dining. Other open air events can include farmers markets, bike or hike at one of the nature parks, learn to surf at the beach or just relax with a book, find musical entertainment at the boardwalk, open air shopping malls like Hilltop Mall and Virginia Beach Town Center, and so many more ideas!

If you have any more ideas that you can share, please comment below.

Best Places to go in Virginia Beach during Coronavirus:

  • Virginia Beach Oceanfront 
  • Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge 
  • First Landing State Park
  • Mount Trashmore
  • False Cape State Park
  • Old Beach Farmers market
  • Hilltop Mall (open-air shopping mall)
  • Virginia Beach Town Center (open air shopping mall)


Photo by tpt_photo on Instagram. Thank you for sharing!!