If you are one of those visitors who come to Virginia Beach year after year, you may have noticed a new little something on the beach at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.

Located on 36th Street and the Oceanfront, there has been the completion of the Hillier Ignite Fitness Park!

This fun new Virginia Beach attraction on the beach is a perfect place to test your physical skills and endurance while enjoying the beautiful Atlantic Ocean! The Hillier Ignite Fitness Park is based off the fitness park located in California at the Santa Monica Beach! It really does look similar, as what the creator Luke Hillier, was going for! His inspiration was the Santa Monica Fitness Park. He liked the idea of it so much, he wanted to bring it to Virginia Beach.

The Virginia Beach version of the California beach fitness park includes a large rope climber, swing-along rings (like monkey bars), parallel bars, balance beams, and more.

The Hillier Ignite Fitness Park is an amazing way to get a fun workout! This workout will strengthen your body as well as test your balance. People of all ages are welcome to enjoy this Virginia Beach fitness park.

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times while using the park. When walking to the Fitness Park, you will notice a sign in front that will display the rules.

Of course the first rule is to consult your physician before starting any exercise program. You will also learn that the use of the equipment is at your own risk. Drugs and alcohol are prohibited from the area. The use of profanity should be non-existent, as we all know from the famous VA Beach No Cursing Law. The rule sign will also remind you to respect others, share the equipment, and to keep the Fitness Park clean. The last rule on the sign is to HAVE FUN! Fitness park hours are from Sunrise to Sunset. That leaves plenty of time to enjoy this exciting way to get in some fun and fitness in Virginia Beach!

Have you checked out the Hillier Ignite Fitness Park? Let us know what you think of this new Virginia Beach attraction by leaving a comment below. If you have been there and would like to share photos, remember to tag #VBFitnessPark to be able to share with others!