You’ve decided to get married! Congratulations!! Your marriage truly will be an adventure to end all adventures (and, remember, not all adventures are pleasant all the time but are nevertheless extremely worthwhile….).

But before you can be married, you have to get married. You need to have some type of wedding.

Perhaps you just want to get married already and so you and your betrothed decide to elope. This can work. You can head over to your county’s courthouse, fly to Vegas or head to some other location in the world that allows for quick weddings. (Get engaged on Monday; get married on Wednesday.)

Perhaps you want something that’s a little more “wedding” and a lot less “rushed” but you don’t want a large to-do? Consider a small wedding of just you, your soon-to-be spouse and a few family members and close friends. Hold your wedding in your backyard, on the beach, in the church you attended as a child. Then head out to dinner at a favorite restaurant.

Speaking of the beach, many couples decide to exchange vows on the shore here in Virginia Beach. Such weddings usually are best for relatively small affairs (fewer than 50 guests) because of their necessarily intimate nature (it’s hard to hear the couple’s vows over the surf when you’re sitting in a folding chair 20 rows from where the couple is standing).

Some people love the idea of getting married in their parents’ backyard. Particularly if their parents are still in the home in which either the bride or the groom lived in as a child. If the backyard is large enough for a wedding and reception, a backyard wedding can be a truly meaningful affair.

Church weddings are lovely, particularly if the church you choose is the one you’ve attended for years. Having the pastor who baptized you or who oversaw your confirmation can be a profoundly moving experience. Be careful, however: it remains to be seen who cries more, your mother or your pastor….

Have you always wanted to get married at a chateau in France? You can! Destination weddings are popular today, allowing you to have a wedding/honeymoon all in one, and giving your guests the chance to have a wonderful vacation themselves.

Big weddings are big today. Whether you hold the ceremony in a church or a hotel’s ballroom, at a resort or foreign hotspot/destination large weddings often involve several bridesmaids/groomsmen, a sit-down dinner, dancing (whether accompanied by live musicians or a DJ spinning tunes), a photographer and videographer – your wedding truly can be anything you want it to be.

No matter what type of wedding you seek in Virginia Beach, there’s a church, restaurant, hotel or resort to accommodate you. Happy wedding planning!

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