If you’re coming to Virginia Beach this summer, you may just find yourself meeting or catching a glimpse of one of today’s biggest movie stars. The incredibly famous and talented Adrian Grenier will be shooting a new film in Norfolk, VA! Norfolk is a neighboring city to Virginia Beach and is only a short 15-minute drive away from beautiful sandy shores. Adrian Grenier has starred in movies like Drive Me Crazy, Entourage, and The Devil Wears Prada.

Adrian will be working on a film called Public Affairs. It is a political thriller. The cinematography should be incredible because Norfolk has a very beautiful cityscape. There are many government-style buildings and monuments along with picturesque water views. Who knows, maybe they’ll even grab a few takes at the Virginia Beach oceanfront!

The producer of the new film, Stephen Israel, is very optimistic about filming in Virginia Beach’s neighboring city! Israel states, “I’m particularly excited to be shooting in Norfolk – a homecoming of sorts, having spent my summers here growing up… Hampton Roads has a broad range of shooting environments, as well as a strong production infrastructure, and I’ve long wanted to bring a production to the area.”

Norfolk is a city that you, without a doubt, will pass through either coming or leaving Virginia Beach. You might have a chance to spot this star! If you are a HUGE Adrian Grenier fan, you might be able to see him in action while shooting Public Affairs.

We hope to see you at the Virginia Beach oceanfront Adrian!

Last edited: April 5, 2017