Virginia Beach is an incredible place to vacation. But you already knew that. In fact, many of you return to our shores annually, looking to relax, unwind, and recharge. Whether you know it consciously or not, part of that vacation routine may be due to the incredible health benefits associated with spending quality time at the oceanfront.

1. Vitamin D

Sunlight is the best source of Vitamin D. Our amazing bodies can take the sun’s rays and transform them into Vitamin D. An increased dose of Vitamin D can improve mood, ease skin troubles, and ward off a multitude of diseases. Sitting in the sun for just 15 minutes is enough to achieve a whole day’s worth of Vitamin D! Easy, right? An overwhelming number of women are deficient when it comes to this important vitamin. So get in the sun if you’re feeling depleted of energy, getting breakouts, or feeling a cold coming on!

2. Sand Exfoliation

Trade a trip to the nail salon for a trip to the beach! Walking on the sandy shores of the Atlantic Ocean will do wonders for rough feet. A natural exfoliation will slough off dead skin gently. After a day of walking on the beach, you can jump into bed without your feet scratching the sheets! Ahhhh…

3. Fixing Skin Issues

Salt water is a magical solution for any type of skin issue. It’s no wonder a trip to the ER seems to include saline water. Acne, cysts, eczema, and many other skin conditions can be alleviated by the healing properties of saltwater. Saltwater does an amazing job of drawing toxins from the body. Saltwater itself is antibacterial and anti-fungal. Taking a dip in this salt elixir will pull impurities from the body and soothe troubled skin right away. Let the Atlantic Ocean work for your skin issues. You might find it to be the best dermatologist!

4. Earthing

Earthing (also known as Grounding) is an ancient ritual of planting your feet into the ground. Letting your body synch to the ocean’s magnetic field creates a relaxing state for your whole body. Grounding naturally calms the inner workings of the body while letting it re-adjust to a balanced flow. The rejuvenating practice of Earthing allows the body to absorb the ocean’s electrons. Every day we are exposed to positive ions through electricity. It is through grounding that we can balance the positive ions with negative ions. To put it simply, Earthing will balance your body and will help decrease stress, and will help you sleep better.

5. Breathe Easier

Who doesn’t love breathing in the salty ocean mist? But, who knew that it was actually really good for you? Breathing it that lovely sea mist helps your lungs absorb oxygen more efficiently. This will help COPD, asthma, and allergy sufferers. It’s only natural to love the ocean, and evidently, it loves us back!

Bring yourself and your loved ones to VA Beach to enjoy some major doses of Vitamin Sea!