Mizuno Sushi in Virginia Beach is a world famous spot for sushi lovers.  The owner and Chef, Wataru Mizuno grew up in Tokyo, Japan.  There, he was trained in the culinary arts by Teruo Sata.  Master Mizuno was one of the few pupils to ever complete the training.

The Mizuno Sushi Difference

Unlike many other sushi restaurants, Chef believes in simplicity.  Heavy sauces aren’t used to add or dilute the delicate flavors of traditional sushi.  Instead, only the finest local Chesapeake Bay scallops are used.  They are known for their incredible taste.  As an example of less is more, often times, Chef Mizuno will only add a dash of salt or citrus to many of his naturally flavorful creations.

This approach has made quite an impression with locals and travelers.  In 2006, Mizuno Sushi was recognized by the New York Times.

Mizuno Sushi Menu

Here is a sample of the incredible sushi you can have:

  • Crispy scallop roll
  • Spear rolls – featuring lump crab, avocado, salmon and yellowtail with ceviche
  • Pink Panther roll
  • NYPD roll
  • “I’m so hot” roll – spicy!
  • Soft shell crab spider roll
  • World famous VABEACH roll
  • Neptune roll

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