Originally opened in 1974, the Pocahontas Pancake House and Waffle Shop was purchased by the Zervoudakis family in 1986.  Ever since, the Z’s have turned their breakfast diner into the very best pancake restaurant in Virginia Beach.

Ranked by The Food Network

In 2002, TFN ranked Pocahontas Pancake House as the #1 place for a pancake in all of VA Beach.


Pocahontas Pancake House is open daily from 7AM – 1PM.  They only serve breakfast and lunch.


There is ample parking around the back of their pancake and waffle house.  Being on Atlantic avenue, feel free to walk from any of the local Virginia Beach hotels.

Other breakfast restaurants in Virginia Beach

Log Cabin Pancake House


Their complete breakfast and lunch menu is online and readily available here.


The Zervoudakis family

Last edited:  February 12, 2024