When I found out about Rudee Tours I had to go and check it out, but with many choices of things to do it was difficult to come up with a plan. Rudee Tours offers six different types of tours with one of those operating with the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center.

You can hop on a two thousand horsepower speedboat from the Rudee inlet out to the sea to view the marine life and the spectacular view of the oceanfront beaches and properties while learning about it all on the way with the Rudee Rocket.

For something slower-paced but no less exciting you can take a tour with Rudee Flipper and Rudee Whaler, watch the dolphins with Rudee Flipper, or marvel at the size of humpback and fin whales with Rudee Whaler.

If fishing is what you enjoy you can throw a line out with Rudee Deep Sea fishing, or you can take a tour with the Rudee Explorer that operates under the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center to explore the Virginia Marshland.

Last, but not least, end your day with a relaxing sunset cruise with Rudee Sunset Cruise’s, where you can enjoy the sights while enjoying some cold beverages and adult refreshments as you watch the sun go down.

I would like to try them all, especially the fast paced Rudy Rocket, but I decided to go on the Rudy Deep Sea Fishing. Now I rarely go fishing, but the setup was great, the boats were clean, and even though I did not personally catch anything, I had a great time. The other guest managed to catch some fish, so even thought I did not have any luck, that does not mean it is not possible.