If you love the outdoors, and love being at sea, then try getting on a Kayak this summer with Kayak Nature Tours. You can bring the whole family.

You can tour the wild in a Kayak this summer or in the winter, experience locations like Blackwater River, Back Bay NWR, Knotts Island, and Dismal Swamp Northwest River. This is a small list compared to all the choices for locations you can go kayaking. The tour starts at each location, so there is no one place you will be able to go to.

They offer everyone able to do so the opportunity to view the environment from a whole new standpoint. Kayaking is definitely a physical experience, for those of us who enjoy seeing nature from a first person perspective. On a kayak you can see, hear, and feel the nature around you. If you are not familiar with how to Kayak the guides will be more than happy to teach you before you head out. They lead you through the tour explaining everything as you go through. It’s a great experience for the nature lovers. You won’t want to miss this awesome family friendly thing to do in Virginia Beach.

If you know of a place other than the areas listed above or at the website, you can rent a kayak and other equipment. They will pack you up with what you need granted you have the right vehicle.

If you are interested make sure to check out their website for pricing, scheduling, and location.