After taking trips to the beach on an almost daily basis, I notice as I look out into the ocean, people parasailing and Jet Skiing. It looks like a ton of fun, and from my experience it is. This is a definite thing to do for those of us who want another highlight during our trip to Virginia Beach and enjoy these types of activities. I have not gone parasailing yet, only used the Jet Ski, but the place I went to offers both, and the name is Rudee Inlet Jet Ski and Adventure Parasail. They boast having the largest Jet Ski riding area in Virginia Beach, which from what they said, is about one square mile between 1st street and 14th street. The large area allows you to see a good portion of the oceanfront while having fun speeding around in the Atlantic. I took a ride in the Jet Ski from the starting area, the inlet, all the way down to the fishing pier, which is as far as I was allowed to go, but was definitely enough space to have a good time. The parasailing seems just as fun, flight times up to fifteen minutes with a total time out on the boat of around an hour. While on the parasail you can go as high as 1200 feet, and take a flight with up to three people up with you. Parasailing is something I am looking forward to doing on my next trip out. Everything there looked well maintained, and the guides knew their stuff more than well enough to keep your experience safe, and best of all fun.