Have you ever wanted to know more about the natural heritage of Virginia? If you have The Virginia Living Museum is the place to go. You will learn about everything that surrounds you in Virginia. From sea creatures to animals of the sky, you will be able to enjoy watching many animals in their natural habitats, and learn all about the Virginia area. Visiting the Virginia Living Museum is a perfect thing to do in Virginia Beach. Tons of animals to see and learn about.

The Virginia Living Museum is great for the whole family. Watch your children stand in awe while watching the live animal habitats. The Appalachian Cove and Cypress Swamp is the closest I have ever come to a live alligator in a relatively open environment. As well as the Alligator in the swamp if you keep a look out you will see turtles, birds, and fish in this big glass room.

If you take a walk outside you can walk along the elevated board walk that takes you over the Deer Park Lake and to the large Aviary and into the forestry area. The aviary is a 5,500 square foot netted enclosure that houses coastal birds that you would expect to see in the wilds of the Hampton Roads and Virginia Beach area. There are Egrets, Pelicans, Ducks and more.

The board walk takes you into the forestry area giving you a tour of some of the animals that are found locally, there are different breeds of foxes, wolves, deer and others. It is not just the animals that live at the museum that you will see while walking along the broad walk, but all the animals and birds that enjoy the natural habitat that surrounds the museum.

The Virginia Living Museum is located in Newport News near Virginia Beach. A few other places to visit in the nearby area are the Oyster Point City Center shops, Yorktown Battle Fields and The Casemate Museum.