When visiting Virginia Beach, you will find that it is hard to do all of the things that you want, no matter how much time you have. No matter what your interests and hobbies, the town simply has numerous things that seem like they are made just for you. Locals are always happy to make recommendations of the best places to go, and can often help you find destinations you may not have known about. One thing that is certainly not to be missed is the Chrysler Museum of Art.

At the Chrysler Museum, you will find that admission is always free, no matter your age or group size. While some special events may require an entry fee, the permanent collection never has a charge. For special exhibits, children under the age of five are still admitted free of charge. The museum operates a large private art collection as well as two historic houses for which there are tour services available. There are enough exhibits and sights to keep your family occupied for an entire day, and the artwork on offer is simply beyond compare.

The Chrysler Museum of Art is home to numerous European paintings and sculptures. Whether you are looking to see an original Matisse or the works of Marx Reichlich, there is plenty of European artwork to capture the eye and stir the imagination. There are also many early American pieces, including works by Mary Cassatt and Chauncey Bradley Ives. Photographs by Robert Mapplethorpe can be found, as well as an absolutely breathtaking collection of photos from the Civil War and from the Civil Rights Movement. The museum’s contemporary art section includes works by Matisse as well as by Georgia O’Keefe.

The museum also has a number of works that are currently on loan, including work by Edgar Degas and Henri-Edmond Cross. There are frequent programs and classes on offer, and the museum holds an array of special events for art lovers to enjoy. The Chrysler Museum of Art is well-suited for people of all ages, and children are welcome. The Museum is open five days a week but is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. They open at 10 AM Wednesday through Saturday and at noon on Sundays. Visiting Virginia Beach is always exciting, and a trip to the Chrysler Museum will leave you with stories to last a lifetime.