Colonial Williamsburg is one of my favorite places to visit near the Virginia Beach area, I love being surrounded by all the history, and the beautiful buildings and grounds, and lovely gardens. I like it so much that my husband and I have bought season passes for the last 2 years

Earth’s largest living museum

The park is the worlds largest living history museum at 301 acres with a large amount of fully restored furnished buildings, that are kept looking good by the tradesmen who work and specialize in the trade skills from the 18th century.

The visitor’s center is modern, up to date and clean; there are a couple of great gift stores and the people on the customer service help desk are some of the friendliest people I have met. You continue through to the ticket area, and onwards to the bridge that that takes you to the main town. If it’s your first time to Colonial Williamsburg, take the time to watch one of the movies, that tell you all about the history in Colonial Williamsburg.


There are two main ways to travel around Colonial Williamsburg, one is to walk and the other is the bus, the bus is included in your admission ticket and stops at many of the main areas, it also takes a route through the main Williamsburg shopping district which sells all kinds of goodies and gifts.

How much time should you schedule

If you visit Colonial Williamsburg, one day of touring the area will not be enough. Each day they have different plays, and re-enactments of events that happened in the 18th century. Performances go on through out the day, and most days the program will vary. Revolutionary City is one of my favorite events to watch, it takes up the whole of Main street. The actors show the collapse of the royal government and are great to watch. It ends with the Fife and Drum band marching down the street and then a firing of a canon.

If you get hungry walking around the town there is a great selection of food available. You can sample one of the delicious historical snacks, try a Virginia roll or delicious muffins, and wash it down with a root beer. If you’re looking for finer dining or a more fulfilling meal try out one of the town’s restaurants or pubs. Do yourself and family a favor, stop by Wythe Candy & Gourmet Shop and feel like you’re walking into Willy Wonka’s showroom.

Live actors walking all around

Stores within the museum sell traditional gifts and are staffed by traditionally dressed workers, actors also walk the streets in full 18th century attire and they will stop and talk with you about the goings on of their day-although they don’t talk about the modern day, they may tell you how they feel about the current slavery issues or they may talk 18th century politics with you, You can ask them questions and they will happily spend time and answer you.

There are so many different things to do and see at Colonial Williamsburg I can not write about them all, all I can say is even though I am not the biggest history fan, I will keep returning and enjoying this great place.

Other historic things to do in Virginia Beach

Go back in time and visit The Old Cape Henry Lighthouse also known as Fort Story.

See for yourself if The Ferry Plantation house is really haunted or not.

Visit the oldest home in Virginia Beach and see a local and national and historic landmark in person.

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