If you are interested in history and architecture, then there is no doubt that Virginia Beach is an excellent destination for you. The town has a wide range of historical sites, museums, and properties, ranging from plantations to tugboats. The area is steeped in history, and the town has done a rather remarkable job of preserving it for new generations to explore and understand. If you are interested in viewing some of the oldest buildings the area has to offer, then the Adam Keeling House is not to be missed.

The Adam Keeling House is a privately owned property located in what is now a suburban neighborhood in Virginia Beach. The style of the home is Tidewater British Colonial, and it is well known for its decorative glazed headers and its center hall design. The home was constructed around 1680 and is the second oldest remaining home in Virginia Beach. It is the oldest home in the town to have been continuously occupied from the time it was built until the present. It was known as Ye Dudlies throughout much of the 20th century.

While the Adam Keeling House is privately owned, it can be easily viewed from the street. On the property, visitors will see a cemetery of graves belonging to the Keeling family. Adam Keeling is credited with building the home itself, but the land was acquired by his father, Thomas Keeling, back in 1635 when he acquired a land grant. The Keeling House is treasured for both its brickwork and its woodwork and is considered a gem even among the small group of homes in the area that were constructed around the same time frame. Studies are still underway to help learn more about the construction of this unique home.

The Keeling Home may not be available for tours, but that does not deter history and architecture lovers from driving by to take a peek at this unique house from the street. In fact, the house and the story behind it are so intriguing to visitors and locals alike, that there have been at least two books written on the subject. The books trace the lineage of the Keeling family as well as the chain of title to the home itself. Virginia Beach is certainly an area with a rich history, and the Adam Keeling House helps to highlight what makes the area such a remarkable place to visit.