If you’re looking for a VA Beach attraction near the oceanfront that is fun for the entire family, then consider coming to Jungle Golf in Virginia Beach, one of the best mini-golf courses in town. They have been putting a smile on tourists and kid faces for over 40 years.  While you’re resting between holes, stop by their on-premise and air-conditioned snack bar for a quick bite to eat.  Please be mindful to not feed any of the animals while on your fun safari.

In addition to mini-golf, Jungle Golf also has an arcade.  Grab your quarters, it’s time to test your eye and hand coordination. 

Jungle Golf’s Hours 

Jungle Golf is open 24 hours a day.  So if you’re looking for an attraction that is open all night and day, this is one of the few choices.

Why is it called Jungle Golf?

The entire 18 hole course was designed to whisk you away to a tropical climate.  The kids will be thrilled to see the life-like statues of various jungle animals throughout the park.  There are alligators, gorillas, giraffes and more.  Jungle themed hazards are sprinked through the course to gently challenge your golfing skills.

Other services

In addition to mini putt-putt golf, feel free to celebrate birthdays and other kid parties at Jungle Golf.



Last edited:  March 26, 2017