Visit Hampton Roads for the annual Oktober Brewfest this October. The event is held at the 24th Street Park. The event was started in Munich as a wedding celebration, but is an event that has spread worldwide and each year Virginians celebrate the German spirit with great German beer, good food and great entertainment.

Visitors from all over can sample authentic German beers including Premium Verum, Premium Dunkel, Konig Ludwig Weiss and more. In addition to the beers, you’ll enjoy German sausages, pizza, pretzels, nuts and more.
Dachshund owners are invited to bring their pets for the Dachshund Beauty Pageant. There is no entrance fee, but dogs must be present for the preliminaries. Dog owners are encouraged to prepare dress up their dogs and prepare their talent presentations.

Entertainment is varied with crazy costume contests, talent shows and dunk tanks, such as “Dunk a Hunk” and “Drench a Wrench” for local charities. As the event winds toward the late afternoon, it transitions into ROCKtoberfest with a local rock band playing late into the evening.