How long has been in business?

We registered the URL name in 1996 and actively started promoting tourism in the City of Virginia Beach in 2000.

Who owns

Steve Jones, local Hampton Roads resident.

How many viewers do you have?

Over one million unique visitors used our site last year. This number grows with every passing year.

Who is your primary audience?

Currently, the majority of our readers are tourists looking to visit Virginia Beach. We are adding content and features aimed at locals.

Why should I advertise with you?

To grab the top rank on Google, you’d need to spend upwards of $3,000/day. We are always one of the top ranked sites (organically) and can help you reach a tremendous amount of readers very cost-effectively (packages start under $100/month). We also have some very unique capabilities non-existent on any other web site. With our site name, we also attract hundreds of thousands of people “naturally”. These are people that find us without using a search engine.

How much does advertising cost?

Packages start at under $100 and go up depending on your goals. Please see Pricing for more information.

How many employees do you have?

We have three employees.

How many “hits” does your web site get?

In 2013, we have had over 71 million hits and over one million unique visitors.

Who advertises with you now?

Siebert Realty, Southern Realty, Goldkey Resorts, PHR, Autotrader, AutoMart and the Employment Guide. Our advertisers have been with us for many years. They recognize our incredible value. We are one of the “best kept secrets” in Virginia Beach Advertising.